Thursday, August 29, 2013

Month of September

First of all we would like to say Thank You for a great start to the school year. We are heading into September with great confidence for our class and have many great activities planned for one of my favorite themes "Community Helpers." Also every couple of weeks I (Miss Porter) will have a Homeroom group during academics. We will focus on the basic letter recognition/Writing both Uppercase and Lowercase letters, cutting skills and name writing. Etc....

Every month our class will be conducting 1 or 2 very special friends to be
 "Student Of The Month" they will each receive a framed certificate to have for a keepsake.
 We will post the names of the students for each month so we all can be sure to acknowledge their achievement!!!

September Students of the Month:
1.) Esah
2.) Jayden

Centers for week of Sept 16th-20th

Dramatic Play:  
I am a "Vet"
I am a "Librarian"
I am a "Chef" 

Slithering Snake math cube activity
Fluffy Clouds (counting with cotton balls)
Finger paint Circles (using our fingers and paint for grouping numbers)
Toss and Name shapes and numbers

Word find with letters M, S, F
Shaving Cream letter recognition
Rounding up Rhymes small group activity

Daily Name practice
Daily Oral Language (spelling) Words= MAP, FIT, SUN
"Following Instructions" Ff coloring page
Word Painting

Songs of the Week:
"Patty Cake" Letter review
" The Ants go Marching" (Large group number recognition)
" BINGO" review
" This Old Man" 1-10 review

Library: Friday 10:30-11:00

Centers for Week of Sept 23rd-27th ("Dream Week")

Dramatic Play:
I am a "Singer"
I am an "Astronaut" 
I am "President"
I am a "Baseball, Basketball/Football player"
I am a "Photographer" (Practice for our Class Picture Day)
I am.................

Alike or Different shapes activity,
"My Pattern" page to take home
Pick a Pattern blocks activity
Tape Shape
"More Peas Please!"

Snake for Ss Craft
Letter S Chant
Marshmallow Letters

"10 Rays of SUNshine" pipe cleaner craft
D.O.L. (spelling) practice SUN
Name Writing
"Following instructions" Letter S coloring page
Spelling Review (All words)

Good hand washing activity
Color, Cut and Paste (in order to promote healthy hand washing)

Social Studies:
Safety and community 
signs around town
Richard Scary's book "What do People do all day?"

Songs of the Week:
"1,2 Buckle my Shoe"
"Ants Go Marching" review
"Old MacDonald" (Sounds Practice)

PICTURE DAY!!!!! Friday Sept 27th

Library: Friday 10:30-11:00

Also we ask that on your child's last day of the week please make sure to take home all bedding, pillows and water bottles to be washed!

(Please make sure to check your child's mailbox daily)

THEME: Community Helpers/Safety


MATH: Patterns, comparing, #5-8

SCIENCE: Teeth/Nutrition


Monday: Literacy and Science, Homeroom

Tuesday: Math and Social Studies, Homeroom

Wednesday: Literacy, Science, Homeroom

Thursday: Homeroom, Social Studies, Morning Music

Friday: Fun Friday large group Activity/Craft, Morning Library

Ashli Porter =
Amy Ferrara =