Friday, November 1, 2013


January 2014

Happy New Year!
As we jump into our new year our PreK Class has many new adventures ahead. This being our 2nd semester we plan on moving from our basic routine into our full hands on Prekindergarten leap. This month we will spend a lot of time on identifying and reading SIGHT words. Our sight words of the month include: THE, IS, LIKE. 

Monthly Curriculum


Literacy: V,J,W

Social Studies: Alaska/Eskimos

Science: Polar Regions

Math: Measurement #24-27

Centers for the month of January

Its all About Winter

Music: Alphabet review, I'm a little Snowman, Make New Friends

Literacy: Start of letter packets for V, J and W. Handwriting without tears Letter practice including Wiki Sticks, sight word books for students to practice and read at home/school, sight word poem and writing in a sentence.

Math: Measuring using a scale, Estimation station using cotton as "snow"

Science: Sort and match animal homes, what animals live in polar regions. Build play dough landscapes.

Social Studies: What would you wear? Color objects you wear in winter words on back. 

Crafts: Snowman Shapes, 2014 Hat, igloo making!