Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22-26, 2013

Just when I think we are in the clear it snows again! We are doing tons of movement inside when our playground is not suitable to use. We will be planting seeds within the next few weeks to study the parts of a plant. We are going to try to grow a variety of seeds and will all share in the reponsibility of taking care of our seeds and plants.
Coming Up....

There is nothing on the radar for this coming week. Class pictures and yearbooks should be coming home soon for those who ordered:)

Monthly themes:

Social Studies: Australia
Science: Earth Day and recycling
Literacy: Letters A, O, I, and review
Math: Geometry and graphing
Shape and color: Oval and Purple

Weekly centers:

Movement: Carpet exercises
 Art: Aboriginal dot art
Dramatic Play: Mathematicians (free play with calculators, rulers, protractors, and graph paper)
Literacy: Library (practice reading and looking at pictures with stuffed animals)
Math: Geoboards (these are really fun, they are square boards with pegs and the children use rubber bands to make lines and shapes on the pegs of the board)

Academics at a glance:

-Literacy: Introduction of the letter I
-Math: Number matching
Spanish and music
Wednesday: -Social Studies: Australia
-Science: Sink or float activity (making predictions and recording data)
-Literacy: Writing the letter I
-Math: Problem solving- reasoning
show and tell and library

Show and tell Fridays: Something that starts with A, O, or I
Reminders: Please make sure your child's cubby has extra clothing (multiple pairs of underwear, socks, a shirt, and a pair of shorts or pants) and bring a water bottle every day. Please label all clothes and water bottles. Water bottles can be left and we ask that you take them home your child's last day of the week to rinse out.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in person or by e-mail. Have a wonderful week!

Chelsea Scheffer: cscheffer@tpaak.org
Jada Kankel: jkankel@tpaak.org
Shanda Schlagenhauf: sschlagenhauf@tpaak.org