Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29-May3, 2013

Yay for sunny days! We are excited to be out on our playground again since our snow storm. Last week we made some peanut butter bird feeders and hung them on a tree near our playground, we are hoping to spot some birds enjoying the snack. We will be planting some seeds this week, hopefully we will have some sprouts this spring.

Coming Up....

The whole preschool will be taking part of the silent auction for Art in the Park. This is a fundraiser for the classrooms and is a lot of fun. This event will be held on Wednesday May 29th and there will be game and food booths. We will not be able to bring the children out to the fair, but if you would like to come pick your child up to check it out for a bit you are welcome to.

The theme of our silent auction basket is "summer fun" Please bring items in by Friday May 3rd. There is no set list on what to bring, be creative! Some examples for our basket could be: outside games, pool toys, sunscreen, etc.

Monthly themes:

Social Studies: Australia
Science: Earth Day and recycling
Literacy: Letters A, O, I, and review
Math: Geometry and graphing
Shape and color: Oval and Purple

Weekly centers:

Movement: Target practice
 Art: 3-D sunflowers
Sensory: Sand
Math: Tesselations (I was not introduced to these fun patterns until middle school, the kids are having a lot of fun with them already!)
Building and fine motor: Geometric snap blocks
Academics at a glance:

-Literacy: Review of letters A, O, and I and class alphabet book
-Math: Following instructions, addition, subtraction
Spanish and music (Cinco de Mayo party!)
Wednesday: -Social Studies: Australia
-Science: Recycling
-Literacy: Review letters A, O, and I
-Math: Following instructions, addition, subtraction
show and tell and library

Show and tell Fridays: Something that reminds you of spring

Reminders: Please make sure your child's cubby has extra clothing (multiple pairs of underwear, socks, a shirt, and a pair of shorts or pants) and bring a water bottle every day. Please label all clothes and water bottles. Water bottles can be left and we ask that you take them home your child's last day of the week to rinse out.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in person or by e-mail. Have a wonderful week!

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